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=== See Also ===
== See Also ==
* [[GSDP:GAM100/CProcessing|Main Page]]
* [[GSDP:GAM100/CProcessing|Main Page]]
* [[GSDP:GAM100/CProcessing/CP_System_Run()                  |CP_System_Run()                  ]]
* [[GSDP:GAM100/CProcessing/CP_System_Run()                  |CP_System_Run()                  ]]

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This sets the next state for the program to enter. This will call the shutdown function of the current state if own exists. Calling CP_System_SetNextGameStateForced() allows you to reset your current game state, while CP_System_SetNextGameState() with the current game state will not.


CP_System_SetNextGameStateForced(FunctionPtr init, FunctionPtr update, FunctionPtr shutdown)

  • init - (FunctionPtr) The name of the function called once when the state first begins. This can be NULL if no initialization is needed for your state.
  • update - (FunctionPtr) The name of the function called every frame to update the state.
  • shutdown - (FunctionPtr) The name of the function called when you leave a state. This occurs when you call CP_System_SetNextGameState() or CP_System_SetNextGameStateForced() to change states. This can be NULL if no cleanup is needed for your state.

Example Usage

// Horizontal position of the square
float x_pos;
void init()
  // Start the square at the left of the screen
  x_pos = 0;

  // Set the square to draw yellow
  CP_Settings_Fill(CP_Color_Create(255, 255, 0, 255));

void update()
  // Set background to black
  CP_Settings_Background(CP_Color_Create(0, 0, 0, 255));

  // Draw the square
  CP_Graphics_DrawRect(x_pos, (float)CP_System_GetCanvasHeight() / 2.0f, 100, 100);
  x_pos += 2;

  // If space pressed, reset the state 
  if (CP_Input_KeyTriggered(KEY_SPACE))
    CP_System_SetNextGameStateForced(init, update, NULL);

int main(void)
  // Set the initial game state
  CP_System_SetNextGameState(init, update, NULL);

  // Run the program

See Also

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