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DigiPen Email: Access and Configuration

Treat email as if it were a permanent, public record; because it is as close as you will ever get. Always write formally and properly, always use complete and proper sentences, never say anything you might want to take back, never reveal any secrets, etc.

Your email client (Outlook or Thunderbird) will send outgoing mail to an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server and fetch incoming mail from an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server.

There are specific ITFAQ:Email/Outlook instructions.

We do not support the old incoming mail protocol POP3, so be sure to choose IMAP when setting up your client. Some basic information you will need to configure any email client:

  • Typically it is best to enter your full real name in the "Your Name" field.
  • Your email account is your username.
  • Your email address is
  • Our Incoming IMAP Server is (Choose IMAP instead of POP3)
    • Enable TLS, and "Accept all certificates", if those options are available.
    • The preferred port is 143 which should be automatically chosen.
    • If TLS is not an option on your client use port 993 instead of 143 (This usually happens on Iphone).
      • Additionally on IPhones, you need to setup the account through the built in mail client
  • Our Outgoing SMTP Server is (You need to configure both IMAP and SMTP)
    • Enable TLS, and "Accept all certificates", if those options are available.
    • Preferred port is 587 rather than port 25
  • Our Message Filter service is called Sieve which runs on the IMAP server (This is completely optional)
    • Server:, Port:4190, use imap Authentication, Enable use TLS
    • See #Managing Sieve Filters for more information.
    • Root folder path: "Inbox"
  • If you are setting up Outlook and it gives the error 0x8004011c
    • There are specific ITFAQ:Email/Outlook instructions.
    • Don't close Outlook
    • Open a command prompt window as Administrator
    • Copy and execute the following command
      • REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\Protect\Providers\df9d8cd0-1501-11d1-8c7a-00c04fc297eb /v ProtectionPolicy /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001
    • Close the command prompt window
    • Complete the Outlook setup

EMail Quotas

The initial quota size for staff, faculty, student, and patron accounts mailboxes is 50MB. If a mailbox exceeds 90% use it will be automatically increased once per day by 5%. Non Staff have a Quota HardLimit of 500M above which no more automatic increases will occur. If your quota is increased you will get a notification no more than once per week.

If you are over your quota messages will be deferred from delivery for a few days until there is enough room to deliver them. Most email clients will warn you when you are approaching your quota limit so you can take action to reduce the space you use. Outlook however does not notify you, so you might check by logging into webmail if you aren't receiving messages. You can reduce the amount of space you are using by removing messages or deleting/detaching attachments from messages.

Please also see ITFAQ:Campus Specific Email Lists#Appropriate Use for more information about how to properly leverage Emails.

Account Safety Tips

The DigiPen email servers may periodically notify you when you are approaching your email quota Such email notices will be from with a subject similar to "Your Email is at 90% of 50MB of quota." The message will contain some tips such as:

Please consider doing some email housekeeping to free up space.
To free up space we recommend that you:
  • Empty your Trash folder and Expunge/Purge/Cleanup folders.
  • Deleted messages remain untill you Expunge/Purge/Cleanup.
  • Once downloaded, Delete or Detach large attachments from messages.
  • Do not use email as a method for sending large files.
  • See
Keep your DigiPen account safe:
  • Do not fall victim to phishing scams.
  • We will never ask for your password or sensitive information.
  • Never following a link in an email from an untrusted site.
  • Use a strong password. Don't write it down, email it, or tell anyone.
  • If you use a public computer, take these extra steps:
    • Sign out when finished and do not let the browser save your passwords.

See also:


Q: Can I forward my email to another account?

A. Yes!
Only students are eligible for mail forwarding.
You can send an email to with your name, account name, and the email address you would like us to forward your messages to.
This request must be sent from you DigiPen account so that we can validate your identity.
Note: Email is forwarded to this address, not cc'ed. Once the message leaves our system we can not support it.
If you also want each message to be kept at your DigiPen email Inbox please ask for mail to be forwarded to your DigiPen and External Addresses:
When forwarding, local delivery can be preserved by entering; in the forwarding field.

IMAP Configuration for Email Client

See ITFAQ:Email/Thunderbird for help setting up the Thunderbird email client.
See ITFAQ:Email/Outlook for help setting up the Outlook email client.
See ITFAQ:Email/Outlook365 for help setting up the Outlook365 email client.
See ITFAQ:Email/Apple for help setting up the Apple email client.


This is the easiest way to access your email when no other email clients are available. Simply point your web browser at Please be aware that nearly any other email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or those on your smartphone or tablet are a better choice than using webmail. The webmail site has been running Horde since March 24th 2006 and as of Fall 2010, Roundcube has been offered as an additional option. Horde will no longer be provided in the very near future.


Roundcube is the preferred webmail application which will replace the older Horde in the very near future. Your emails will be available in all webmail applications - but please begin using the new Roundcube application as we will phase out the Horde application in the very near future. Roundcube is preferred for a number of reasons including it's more modern look and feel, support for ldap addressbook, support for Sieve message filters.

Deleting and Purging of Emails

To manually delete emails in your Roundcube trash folder do the following.

Use this if you want to manually purge your emails in the Trash folder

Login to Roundcube
Under the Folders heading select Trash
In the bottom left hand corner click the Gear (This is Folder Actions drop down menu)
Select Empty
Click OK when prompted

Automatic Deleting and Purging of Emails

DigiPen's webmail, by default, does not automatically purge emails that are marked for deletion. This may cause your mailbox size to exceed your quota, which will prevent you from receiving new email.

In order to make sure emails are quickly and painlessly deleted do the following. Login to Roundcube

Click on Settings in the top right corner
Click the Preferences tab
Under the Sections bar on the left hand side, select Server Settings
Under the Main Options heading verify "Mark the Message as Read on Delete" is unchecked
Under the Maintenance heading click the "Clear Trash on Logout" check box
Click Save
Click on email in the top right corner

Managing Sieve Filters

Login to Roundcube

Click on Settings in the top right corner
Click the Sieve Filter icon
Click the "+" to create a new filter, give it a name, rules, actions. Save it
It may also be necessary to select and choose "Activate this ruleset" from the gear icon

Sending an auto reply email (out of office)

  • Login to webmail (
  • Click on Settings.
  • On Settings TAB, click on "Filters".
  • On Filters TAB, click on the plus (+) icon.
  • Enter a name for your filter. e.g (outofoffice)
  • Choose "All Messages" for the filter rules.
  • Under "Filter Actions", click on the dropdown box, and choose "Out of Office Message".
  • Set accordingly.
    • Period: 1 (Usually 1)
    • Subject: Out Of Office Notification (myname)
    • Message: I will be out of office from 25th December until 2nd January. Will respond to you when I return.
  • Click "Save".
  • Test your out of office email.
    • Troubleshooting: If it's not working.
      • Under "Filters" TAB, click on your newly created rule.
      • Click on the "gear" icon for more options.
      • Click on "Activate this ruleset".

Roundcube Folder Subscriptions

You can change the visibility of mail folders by (un)subscribing.

  • Visiting login to roundcube.
  • On the left bottom left folder list click the gear icon.
  • Select manage folders, check boxes next to a folder to be subscribed.
Subscriptions are reflected in all your email clients like:
Thunderbird, Outlook, Roundcube webmail, or Smartphones.

Opening Messages in New Tabs

Click the red icon in the upper right corner of a message header in order to make it open in a new tab or window.
Click the red icon in the upper right corner of a message header in order to make it open in a new tab or window.


First logon sql/php

On your first login you will see sql/php errors in the sidebar. These are not a problem and will not appear again after your initial login.

Priority Flags

In order to be able to set priority flags for outgoing mail in the compose window, navigate to the sidebar and click on "Options", click on "Mail" and then click on the "Message Composition" link under the Message Options heading in the middle of the page. Click the checkbox next to "Set the X-Priority header when composing messages?" and click "Save Options". You will now be able to set a priority for outgoing email messages.

Folder Subscriptions

Folder subscriptions and options: 1) to set a Trash and/or Drafts folder, Navigate to the sidebar and click on "Options", click on "Mail" and then click on the "Server and Folder Information" link under the General Options heading in the middle of the page. First mark the checkbox "Use IMAP folder subsciptions" and then set the folders as necessary and "Save Options". THIS LAST STEP IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO VIEW YOUR PAGES QUICKLY AND WITHOUT ERROR.

Missing Webmail Folders

If you should find folders missing from your webmail you can attempt to restore them by:

  1. In the mail window, click on the "Folders" icon in the top middle of the page.
  2. Find the option to "Show Unsubscribed". This will show you the folder you're missing.
  3. Now check each one and then choose "Subscribe to folders" from the 'choose action' drop-down box.
  4. Reload the page with F5 or logout and login again to see the newly subscribed folders.

Theme Script Error

If you receive a script error with a recent version of Thunderbird, navigate "Options" > "Global Options" in the sidebar and then click on "Display Options" under the heading Other Information. Choose a new theme from the list, save your settings and the script error will go away in Thunderbird.

Purge Deleted

After you have marked an item for deletion, a new link will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the Horde Webmail application marked "purge deleted". It is right above your page control, use this to permanently remove messages that have been marked for deletion.

Change Sent Mail Folder

  1. Click the Options button at the top of the page.
  2. Select the Personal Information link.
  3. At the bottom of the page make sure "Save sent mail?" is checked.
  4. Change "Sent mail folder:" to your desired destination.
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