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Beginning in 2016 the new ITFAQ:DragonsDen SSL VPN Portal resource is likely easier and better than ssh to login servers for most users.

DigiPen Staff and Faculty can use our remote login server to access a number of private and shared file assets from off campus. Students do not have access to the resources described here at this time. This article is also known as SFTP for a shorter url. You may also be interested in the ITFAQ:Staff and Faculty Shares, ITFAQ:Wireless Network Drives, or the ITFAQ:Course Folders articles.

Use ssh (Secure Shell Protocol) to connect to the server on the standard port 22 with your DigiPen credentials (the ones used for email and workstations). There are various applications that can use the ssh protocol to connect to servers. You may also see reference to "SFTP" which is SSH + FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and can be used to transfer files between computers. Below are specific instructions for using the #Filezilla application to connect to the server.

Once connected you will find 4 folders (Create a HelpDeskTicket if you do not see these folders):

  • courses- This is the course folders for various classes (N: drive).
  • home - This is your network home drive (Y: drive and "My Documents").
  • staff - This is the staff shared assets drive (Q: drive).
  • faculty- This is the faculty shared assets drive (F: drive).
  • www - This is your public web space (W: drive), see ITFAQ:Student WebPages#How To Set Up Your Tilde Web Page.
  • The staff-old drive (O: drive) is not available as it should not be used.

You should not store any files in the main folder on the login server, rather keep your personal files inside the "home" (Y:) folder.


FileZilla configuration example

Specific instructions for Filezilla (

From the Quickconnect bar:

  • Host: The domain name of the server to connect to:
    • Host: (US Campus)
    • Host: (US Campus alternate server)
    • Host: (SG Campus)
  • Enter your DigiPen Username and Password.
  • Port:22
  • Check the box for "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache and click OK.

From the File->Site Manager window:

  • Click "My Sites" and then click the "New Site" button, Give it a name like "".
    • You can also rename it later by choosing "New site" and clicking the "Rename" button.
  • Host: (US Campus)
  • Host: (SG Campus)
  • Port:22
  • Servertype: "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol"
  • Logontype: Normal
  • Use your DigiPen Username and Password.
  • Click "Connect" to connect to the login server for the first time.
  • Check the box for "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache and click OK.

Now you can use the down arrow in the toolbar next to the Site Manager button to quickly reconnect later.

Once Connected

Once you are connected you will see local drives, folders, and files in the left half of the window. On the right half of the window you will find the various folders described at the top of this page. At the bottom of the page is the transfer status area that will show the progress of files you select to copy.

To transfer a file browse to the desired local folder and remote folder and then simply choose the file or folder you want to transfer and drag it from the remote to local, or local to remote half of the window. It's transfer progress will appear in the bottom part of the window.

keywords: ftp

Accessing N/O/P drive in Singapore Campus

  1. . Download Filezilla . (I repeat Filezilla ONLY)
  2. Link-->
  3. . Launch filezilla.
  4. . File > Site Manager
  5. . In General Tab
   Host :
   Port : 22
   Protocol : SFTP <----important
   logon Type : Ask for password
   User : your window ID
  1. .In Advance Tab
   Default Remote Directoy : /usr/import/courses  <-- this is for N drive
   Default Remote Directoy : /usr/import/staff  <-- this is for O drive
   Default Remote Directoy : /usr/import/homes/pleilani  <-- this is for Your Home drive , replace with ur ID
  1. . click connect
  2. . Viloa !!

Too many failed logins

Starting 02/09/2016 we are limiting the number of failed logins using a utility called fail2ban. the current cut off points are.

  • bantime = 600 (seconds)
  • maxretry = 3

Additionally due to persistent network attacks we are blocking incoming SSH from china and Hong Kong.

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