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Student Association
Student Association


Who We Are

The Student Association acts as the voice between the faculty and the students of DigiPen. We solve problems, fix issues, find out what's going on, and hold events to break the monotony of school.

This year we are interested in getting guest speakers from the industry to demo, lecture, and share experiences with students. If you know someone who would be interested, please let us know by emailing

Official Website

Executive Board

  • President: Jami Lukins (Senior BFA) dp email: jlukins
  • Vice President: Jesse Dunne (Senior RTIS) dp email: jdunne
  • Treasurer: Jake Weimer (Junior RTIS) dp email: jweimer
  • Secretary: Dan Rosas (Sophomore RTIS) dp email: daniel.rosas

Senior Representatives

Junior Representatives

Sophomore Representatives

Freshmen Respresentatives

If you are interested in running for Freshmen Representative for Student Association, elections will be held the first Friday of October. For more information, email

We also get a lot of help from Student Services, mainly Hanako Lombardi, Kati Von Lehmen, and Gordon Dutrisac

Upcoming Events

Look for the 4th Annual DigiPen Student Association Carnival the second Saturday of September

  • Food!
  • Prizes!
  • Games!
  • Soaking your teachers!

SA Namespace

Use [[{{NS}}:Events]] for a link to an SA:Events page, this SA: namespace is protected (from edits) by users other than those in the student association group.

  • use [[SA:Events]] for links from other namespaces such as your [[User: page
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