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Available Namespaces

NS # Namespace Description Root Redirect & Nain Namespace Article Restricted (read) Protected (edit)
0-99 Built in default namespaces ( Main, User, Images, etc) Anything not in a namespace below... * (non-logged in users can't access) * (Any Logged in user)
100 Department of Game Software, Design and Production Game Department > GSDP:Game Department * staff, DG:c_processing
102 Student Association Student Association > SA:Main_Page * staff, DG:studentassociation
104 IT Technical Referance IT Tech Ref > ITTR:Tech Ref DG:support,, DG:faculty.kmu, DG:canvas_apps, DG:main_library it, DG:www_dev, DG:executives
(Can Read & Edit All Namespaces)
106 IT FAQ was IT Support ITFAQ > ITFAQ:Main Page * staff, DG:support,
108 IT Projects IT Projects > ITP:Main Page support,, DG:faculty.kmu, DG:canvas_apps, DG:main_library DG:support, DG:canvas_apps
110 Faculty Handbook Faculty Handbook > FH:Main Page staff staff
102 Game Design Program Game Design Program > GDP:Main Page staff staff
114 Curriculum Committee Curriculum Committee > CC:Main Page staff, DG:curriculum_committee DG:curriculum_committee
116 Student Services Student Services > SS:Main Page user staff
118 Student Outcomes Student Outcomes > SO:Main Page staff staff
120 IT Help Desk IT HelpDesk >ITHD:Main Page staff, support,, DG:faculty.kmu, DG:main_library staff, DG:support
122 UBI Students in production phase > UBI:Main Page staff, staff,
124 ADMissions Department Admissions > ADM:Main Page DG:t3_ed_admissions, DG:wiki_k12, DG:t3_ed_admissions
126 K12 Programs K12 Programs > K12:Main Page DG:wiki_k12 DG:wiki_k12
128 External Affairs External Affairs > EA:Main Page DG:externalaffairs, DG:externalaffairs
130 Human Resources Human Resources > HR:Main Page DG:wiki_hr, DG:wiki_hr
132 REGistrars Office for USDOE visit preparation Registrars Office > REG:Main Page DG:wiki_reg, DG:wiki_reg
134 LIBrary department Library Department > LIB:Main Page DG:wiki_hr, DG:wiki_hr DG:main_library
136 Directors Roundtable Directors Roundtable > DR:Main Page DG:
138 Front Desk Front Desk > FD:Main Page DG:wiki_fd, DG:wiki_fd
140 Academic Support Academic Support > AS:Main Page users,staff staff
142 Public Communications Public Communications > PC:Main Page staff staff
144 Employee Handbook Employee Handbook > EH:Main Page staff DG:wiki_eh
146 CALendar > CAL:Main Page staff staff, DG:support
148 Faculty Advising Resource Manual > FARM:Main Page staff, DG:student_advising_moodle DG:student_advising_moodle
150 Financial Aid > FA:Main Page staff, DG:financialaid DG:financialaid
152 Internal Committees Internal Committees > IC:Main Page staff staff
154 Game Software, Design and Production for SG Game Department Singapore > GSDPSG:Main Page staff staff

Admins see ITTR:MediaWiki Configuration#Custom Namespaces

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