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We hope to see you there!

Week 14 General Assembly Agenda

This week's general assembly agenda

Final General Assembly of the Semester

Covid Closure Feedback

Spring Elections Results

Constitution Revisions Vote

Emergency Grading Structure

Wednesday Discord from 4 - 5

We hope to see you there

Political Policy Survey

In light of recent weeks’ discussions, ASD is currently conducting a survey on DigiPen’s policies regarding politics at the school. The student and club handbooks have policies on political expression by students on campus and a policy for political clubs on campus. Those policies may seem confusing or harsh or just right to some students, but we as students have the ability to change those policies. This is a survey on what your opinions of the policies listed in the student and club handbooks and how you think those policies should change.

Political Policy Survey Link:

If you are just looking for information on the two current policies, that information is also in this survey.

DigiPen Building B

DigiPen has acquired space in a new building adjacent to the main campus.
More info can be found here: DigiPen Building B (requires log in)
And here:

New Shuttle, ADA Compliant

There is a new shuttle this year which is wheelchair accessible.

Parking at OCC is back

DigiPen has regained an overflow parking section in the Overlake Christian Church parking lot. These spots will be indicated, more info coming soon.