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Here is the list of events that DigiPen hosts.


  • College Goal Sunday- January 20 & 21
Installed software on the front desk computer for Financial Aid to assist potential students. No minions needed.



  • Career Fair- Mar 30
Helped Teresa organize and plan a successful Career Fair setup. Teresa and I planned out which computers go where. I informed my students how I would like each computer setup, where they needed to go with a layout plan and how I would like the tables setup. Layout plan is in grey binder on my desk. It is in the pocket on the right side of the binder.


  • Summer Workshop Preview Days- April 7 and April 14
Helped Emma with preparation for the summer preview. My minions and I installed 39 computers in 4 classrooms. We also installed a total of nine different software packages that was needed for the classes. Along with the software I installed 4 DigiPen student games in Turing for the students to play.
  • OSPI AVID Training- April 11th and 12th
Setup the microphone, wireless internet and projector on the presenter’s laptop in Al-K.


  • Redmond Police- May 3-
Setup projectors, computer and microphone system in Plato.
  • Accepted Student Open House- May20
Re-arranged and zip tied all of the computers in Edison to accommodate the students who were accepted into DigiPen. I also installed by hand and through turnip games that the students and their guests can play.


  • Game Design Club- June 2
The Game Design Club was hosting a networked game Saturday, June 2nd. The required installation of a game, Artemis, on machines in each of the rooms they reserved: Curie, Reynaud, Einstein, Tesla ,DaVinci and WaNic Programming.Each room needed the game installed on 6 computers - the main one, attached to the projector, and 5 machines in the front row, for the other players. Licenses was provided by the club. I also need setup the network between the rooms for the event.


  • Seattle Indies Expo- July 29-10AM until 5PM
Guest account for wifi log in- no IT minions needed



  • Digital Arts Festival- September
Plato guest speaker, Friday evening make sure to setup computer, down shooter and DVD player prior to Friday morning. Test all equipment including projectors and sound from computer. Client Services Ambassador or Client Services Manager will be present at this event.
Saturday, there will be three workshops that will be taught. A life drawing workshop that ideally would be taught in Rembrandt, a 3D animation workshop and ZBrush workshop that would be taught in Meiles, and aUnity3D tutorial that would be taught in Lumiere. 1-2 IT minions will need to be present during this event



  • First Robotics- November 10th- 8:45AM-4PM
The rooms they'll be using computers in are: Al-K, WaNIC - Programming, WaNIC - Robotics
The rooms they'll be using presenter screens are: Plato, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Bernini, Al-K, WaNIC - Programming, WaNIC - Robotics, Gibran, Hokusai, and Blanc. 2 IT minions will be needed for this event.
  • Fall Preview Day- November 17th- 9AM-5PM
The rooms we'll be using on Fall Preview Day are: Plato, Michelangeo, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Bernini, Al-K, Da Vinci Gibran, Blanc, and Reynaud. 2 IT minions, Client Services Ambassador or Client Services Manager will be present at this event.


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