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DigiPen network and network service support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does DigiPen support IPv6?

No, not yet. And probably not for a while. Before we can even dream of implementing IPv6 we need support from our ISP, without ISP support IPv6 is pointless. Our ISP has not been able to tell me when they will be supporting IPv6.

Is the equipment ready for IPv6?

Most of the servers, yes; the workstations, no. MS Windows XP has very buggy IPv6 support; but our BSD, Linux, and Mac servers support IPv6 fairly well. But without support for IPv6 from our ISP we have no incentive to impliment it here.

How are IP addresses assigned?

Reserved DHCP. All workstations get their network configuration from DHCP, the DHCP server is configured to "know" about each workstation and assign it a pre-allocated IP address as well as the subnet mask, routers, DNS servers, etc. There are no "open ranges"; if a computer is not already allocated an IP address the DHCP server will not give it one.

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