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About Senate

The Associated Students of DigiPen Redmond (ASDR) represents the student body of DigiPen Institute of Technology Redmond. It works to promote communication within the student body, faculty, staff, administration, and other student organizations to better the student experience and address any concerns they may have that pertain to said subject.

Along with changes to the school, ASDR works to make the student experience better through our planned and sponsored events to engage the student body not only with us but also with each other. ASDR is only successful through cooperation, unification, and engagement of the student body.



Vice President

External Affairs

Vice President

Internal Affairs

Vice President


Jason Thiel

Saadiq Daniels

Zacary Brown

Alfaroh Corney III


What does ASD actually do?

ASD is committed to making sure students have a voice about their education, and their student experience. We as a group gather feedback from the student body and make meaningful change through communication with professors, department chairs, and execs.

Why is it worth getting involved?

ASD relies on the communication and support of students. Some ASD accomplishments include:

  • DigiPen Housing
  • DigiPen Shuttle Service
  • Refrigerators in the Rec Room
  • Vending Machines on Campus
  • All Gender Restrooms
  • Counseling Services
  • Overflow Parking
  • Green arrow signal into DigiPen
  • Environmentally-Friendly Cutlery
  • LAN Parties each semester

...and more.

How do I get involved in Senate?/How can I help?

You can get involved in ASD by being informed and voicing your opinion. This can mean coming to meetings or reading news from the website, voting during various meetings, voicing your opinion during ASD tabling or voicing your opinion using the online submission here.

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